1. Driving Practice - Nouis Oneshot

    Summary: Louis takes Niall for a driving lesson with the promise of pints and chips, and the possibility of blow jobs.

    Warnings: Swearing and blow jobs and a facial.

    A/N: Don’t they know their not allowed to interact on Twitter, I mean seriously. Inspired by this post.

    “Lou, where the fuck are we going?” Niall asked as they turned into a street which apparently housed only derelict, abandoned factories.

    “Well young Niall,” Louis answered condescendingly, “I thought it was about time that you learned to drive-”

    “Why me? Liam and Zayn are both older than me and they don’t-”

    “Harry is the youngest of all of us and he owns the most cars.” Louis interrupted.

    “That he hardly ever uses,” Niall pointed out.

    Louis ignored his comment, “Liam and Zayn have girlfriends to drive them around, so I don’t have to-”

    “I have never once asked you for a lift.”

    “And I’m planning on teaching them as well,” Louis continued, “I thought you’d be the easiest to start with.”

    “So where the fuck are we?”

    “Didn’t want your horribly embarrassing first drive-”

    “I’ve driven before.”

    “- to be fodder for paps and stuff so I found this really secluded teaching driving place and paid them to not let anyone else in today.”

    “So where is this place then?” Niall asked.

    Louis’s eyebrows creased together and he pulled over to the side of the road, “It should be right here.”

    Niall scoffed, “Maybe you should’ve spent your money on a real compass instead of that tatt.”

    “Shut up and give me the street directory.” Louis commanded.

    Niall complied, grabbing the directory from the glove compartment and handing it over, but after a few minutes of Louis peering at maps and mumbling under his breath, Niall was fed up, “Just take me back home, you know how to do that don’t you ?”

    Louis held up his hand for silence, “Hush, I’ve found the place, just took a couple of wrong turns is all.”

    “Louis, I don’t care.”

    “I’ve kidnapped you and I’m not letting you go until you’ve driven this car.” Louis said, “Come on, Ni, it’ll be fun. I’ll buy you a pint after.”




    “Two pints and chips,” Louis offered.

    Niall considered for a moment, and then stuck his hand out, “deal.”

    Louis shook Niall’s hand and started the car again, doing a U-turn and getting back onto the main road. It took another ten minutes to get to the driving school, which was, as Louis had promised, empty. Louis parked again, and the two switched seats.

    “Okay,” Louis began, “once you’ve got your positioning comfortable and checked all your mirrors, you can-”

    “I’ve done this before Louis.” Niall quickly turned the key, put the car into drive and released the handbrake. Then he started panicking as the car began to roll forward, “Holy shit! Louis there’s something wrong with the car, I’m not touching the gas!”

    “Brake, Niall.” Louis commanded.

    Niall wrenched the handbrake back up, bringing the slow moving car to a screeching standstill.

    “Footbrake, you idiot!” Louis yelled, “Do you want to completely trash my car?”

    Niall’s hands were clenched around the wheel, and he had curled up as much as possible in the seat. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

    Louis sighed, ‘It’s okay, but let’s start with the basics. The pedal on the left is the footbrake …”

    They started very slowly, having Niall drive only a few metres before pulling back up to the kerb. But he soon got fidgety, so Louis let him go for a bit longer, take a few corners, go faster than 5km/h. He had to admit, Niall did pick it up quite quickly. So when they got to the mock car park, Louis decided to give it a go.

    It was an utter failure. Even after bringing the car to a complete stop, and Louis explaining how he should do it, Niall ended up at a 45 degree angle across three 90 degree parks.

    “Okay, just reverse back into the middle of the road,” Louis said. Niall did that well enough, but Louis was quite ready to have him try parking again, “let’s just keep driving around.”

    “No,” Niall insisted, “I’m making that park.”

    “Niall, I wouldn’t be able to make that park without backing up and readjusting about ten times.” Louis said.

    “I’ll do it in less than five then.”

    Louis laughed, “If you can do that Niall, I’ll give you a blow job.”

    Niall turned to Louis and raised an eyebrow, “you’re on.”

    He put the car in reverse again, turning the wheel hard to the left before letting his foot off the brake. Once he thought he gone back far enough, he pulled the wheel to the right and drove forward.

    “Two,” Louis commented as Niall brought the car to a stop in the park, “and you’re still straddling two parks.”

    Niall ignored him, putting the car back into reverse. This time as the vehicle moved slowly backwards, he straightened the wheel, swinging the car in an s-shape. He stopped, put the car into drive, and rolled smoothly into the park.

    “Four,” he said proudly.

    “I’ll be the judge,” Louis said, getting out of the car and walking all the way around to check that Niall had indeed parked the car perfectly. “Well fuck me.”

    “Actually,” Niall laughed, “I believe the bet was for a blow job.”

    “Niall I wasn’t serious …” Louis began to say, but Niall wasn’t listening.

    “You’ve been busting my balls all day,” he said as he opened the back door of the car, “least you can do is help me bust me nut.”

    Louis stood motionless as Niall lay across the back seat, watching as Niall’s shoes, socks and finally jeans were thrown out of the door. The last came with a call of, “suck me, beautiful.”

    Louis moved in front of the open door, seeing that Niall had made himself very comfortable, he’d hitched his t-shirt up to his chest and had a hand slowly stroking his cock in his underwear.

    “You realise this sort of thing is completely abnormal behaviour,” Louis commented.

    “Yeah,” Niall agreed, “but I don’t care. Quit acting like you’ve never sucked a dick before.”

    “At least sit up a bit,” Louis asked, “I am not kneeling on the bitumen to suck you off.”

    “Fine.” Niall complied, slipping his pants off as he leant back against the opposite door.

    Louis knelt between Niall’s legs, his running up his calves to his thighs, squeezing and pushing them apart. He leant over and pushed Niall’s shirt up further, teasing around the bud of one nipple with his tongue. He pulled on it gently with his teeth, his other hand still tight on Niall’s thigh.

    “Lou,” Niall slapped his dick against Louis’s stomach, “It doesn’t need to be romantic, just suck my dick.”

    Louis pushed Niall’s shoulders back against the door, “I’m doing some of my best work here, Horan.”

    “Whatever, it’s on the wrong body part.”

    “Fine,” Louis huffed, “one boring blow job coming right up.”

    He knocked Niall’s hand away from his cock, took it firmly in his own and licked a rough stripe up the underside. He licked playfully at the head, drawing it into his mouth with his tongue, and letting it slip out between his lips with obscene pops. Niall tangled his hand in the back of Louis’s hair, and the older man took the hint. He hallowed his cheeks and slid slowly down Niall’s cock, burying his nose in Niall’s pubes. As Louis moved his mouth up and down his cock, Niall let out a breathy, “fuck.”

    Taking Niall deep again, Louis reached a hand up to cup his balls, chuckling a little to himself over Niall’s earlier comment. The vibrations from the laugh went straight through Niall.

    “Shit, Lou, I’m gonna cum in your mouth if you keep doing that.”

    That comment made Louis laugh again.

    “Lou, I’m gonna-”

    Louis pulled off Niall’s cock just before he came, his hand working him as Niall shot across his chest. He reached into the mess on his car floor for a jumper he’d been meaning to wash anyway and cleaned Niall off, but as he threw it away, Niall grabbed the front of his shirt and smashed their lips together. He pushed Louis down onto the seat.

    “Thought I’d return the favour,” he mumbled, shoving his hand down Louis’s pants.

    Okay, as Niall forced his trousers down, barely stopping to undo the zip, Louis had to admit that sometimes a direct approach was best. Teasing had its place, but god if it wasn’t hot when Niall took his half hard cock in his mouth, using his tongue to bring him fully alive. It seemed like there were a few seconds between Niall kissing him and Louis fighting the urge to thrust deep into his mouth.

    Niall pulled off and stroked Louis thoughtfully, “good?”

    “Fuck yes, Ni.”

    Niall went down again, trying as Louis had to relax and take him deep, but even though he’d done this before, he’d always been drunk and it his body kept freaking out and telling him that there should not be anything like that in his throat. He hoped that Louis wasn’t noticing his spluttering, and judging from the way he was clutching at the seat, Niall was doing a good job. But still, Louis had given him bloody awesome head, and Niall was not about to suck at … sucking.

    He brought his hand to Louis’s balls, his fingers brushing lower. Louis shivered at the contact. Niall brought his mouth up again and smirked, sucking on a finger. He brought his hand down again, his finger pressing against Louis’s entrance. The older man moaned.

    “You like that?”

    “Y-yes.” Louis stuttered as Niall pushed into him. His head dropped back, falling outside the car door. His eyes fluttered opened, the driving course upside before him. Shit, if someone were to come along, even though it was closed, they’d get an eyeful. How the hell did Niall know to do all that, to curl his finger and –

    Fuck,” Louis groaned, his entire lower body clenching, “Shit, Ni, I’m cumming.”

    Niall got the warning too late, Louis’s cum painting his lips and face as he pulled away. As Louis’s breathing sighed, he swiped his thumb across a shocked Niall’s cheek.


    Niall wiped his own hand across his face, flicking Louis’s cum out of the car, “Least now I don’t need salt with those chips you still owe me.”

    The only response Louis could muster was laughter. 

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